Fabien FERT
04/25/2005 09:27 am

I`ve to draw visual links beetween differents nodes that aren`t on direct hierarchie dependences...
I`ve search en OnDrawEvent to draw on the canvas by myself. But the on draw event isn`t impemented ?? isn`t it ??

So tell me if I could do that (draw lines by myself beetween each node) and if it is possible, how ??

thank you very much for your answers.
Best Regards..
Alex Filatkin
05/06/2005 01:26 am
Dear Fabien FERT,

Thank you for writing us. I am sorry for long delay.

MetaTree component does not have OnDraw event now.
But we plan to add this feature in the next version.
We can send the current version (with OnCustomDrawItem event) to the registered user on request.

Alex Filatkin
MP Staff