Can't export

06/01/2016 04:14 am

Windows 8.1, Inquiry Pro latest version

I'm suddenly unable to export to CHM and other formats, the dialog shows up but doesn't repond to anything, it just flickers when I click on any of the controls. Have to kill IE to get rid of the control.

I've tried to repair Inquiry, and disable all other IE plugins, nothing helps. Any idea what can be wrong? I think there was one or more IE updates in the Microsoft updates a few days ago, could it be one of these?
06/14/2016 04:22 pm
Well it does appear to be a Microsoft update that's causing the problem - KB3153199. After uninstalling it the problem disappeared (is actually affects all Inquiry dialog boxes it seems).

Since this is an important security update though I hope there is another way to fix the problem so that update can be installed?
06/17/2016 04:04 pm

Well that didn't last long. Looks like Microsoft pulled KB3153199 but now there's a new Windows 8.1 update that's breaking Inquiry the same way, instead.

Is no one from Metaproducts reading the forums anymore? They used to respond to questions here.