Inquiry 1.14 can't open Inquiry files.

Rich OBrien
05/16/2015 09:01 pm
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Inquiry 1.14 can't open Inquiry files. Inquiry Standard version 1.14 has a serious bug when installed on Windows 7 64-bit. It says when trying to open a file "The chosen folder already contains an inquiry collection. You cannot move the opened Collection here."

I use Inquiry all day every day and have done this for years so my Inquiry file is 22 Gigabytes after reducing its size by more than 10 gigabytes.

Upgrading to the 64-bit version of Windows 7 requires the reinstallation of all software. How are Inquiry users suppose to open their Inquiry files. There is no way that I can figure out.

I'm hoping version 1.13 does not have this bug but I can't find a copy of 1.13 to download. Could you please provide download links for 1.13, 1.12, and 1.11 so people who encounter trouble with newer versions of Inquiry Standard can use an older version until the newer version is fixed?

With updates released at a rate of one a year, it could be a long wait. I need to download version 1.13. Depending on their operating system and the version of Internet Explorer they are using other Inquiry users might do better with older versions.

I see that version 1.13 implemented my suggestion to allow Inquiry users to save a webpage or save just a bookmark with their notes and a large thumbnail. If this had been available for the last seven years, I imagine my Inquiry file would be a tiny fraction of the huge 22 Gigabyte size it is. A smaller file could be backed up and restored in less time.

It used to take me about 40 minutes to backup my Inquiry file until I found Syncovery which is fast and can copy the locked files other programs can't copy. Most recently I have resorted to putting my huge Inquiry file in a drive partition of its own so I can use Casper by Future Systems Solutions to copy my Inquiry partition much faster than any other way. Like Syncovery, Casper can be automated to run in the background but instead of requiring 5 minutes, Casper might take two minutes to intelligently update its copy of my 20 gigabyte Inquiry file.

I'm really hoping version 1.13 allows me to open my Standard Inquiry file and go forward using Inquiry all day every day again.

When opening Inquiry's files, previous versions of Inquiry said "There appears to be an Inquiry Web pages store already in the folder that you have chosen. Do you want to switch to using that store? If not, it will be deleted and replaced with your current store." Wrong. It will replace your current store. After all these years, I'm surprised no one has pointed this out. The message would be better if it said "The folder you have browsed to contains an Inquiry Web pages store. To use it, click on the OK Button."

Rich in Renton, Washington, USA

Rich OBrien
05/17/2015 01:11 am
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After writing earlier, I looked in a different folder and found I had copies of Inquiry 1.12 and 1.11. I installed 1.12, tried to open my file and encountered the same bewildering message: "The chosen folder already contains an inquiry collection. You cannot move the opened Collection here." I'm trying to open the file not move it here wherever here is.

I uninstalled version 1.12 and installed 1.11. Same bewildering message: "The chosen folder already contains an inquiry collection. You cannot move the opened Collection here."

32-bit Inquiry version 1.10 will open my Inquiry files but when it backs up a folder, it can't open what it has just backed up. So there is no way I can think of to copy a folder from one set of Inquiry files to another.

I've been using Inquiry 1.08 along with an ancient version of Internet Explorer until recently so I was unaware that Inquiry had moved forward into an alternate universe where it provides no way for Inquiry to open its own files.

It seems that by default Inquiry may want its files to reside on the C drive. My Inquiry file is 22 gigabytes. For 7 years it has been happy to reside on my D drive. For weeks its been on my E:\Inquiry drive (partition) I have 15 gigabytes free on my C drive. My Inquiry files won't fit on my C partition. Besides, it has been working well for my Inquiry files to be in a drive partition of their own so I can backup Inquiry with software that only copies entire partitions.

Now that I've upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit, I can no longer use Internet Explorer 8. Besides I like the greater speed of Internet Explorer 11. Along with IE 11, I need to use the Inquiry programmed to work with IE 11. Will someone please tell me three things.

1. How can Inquiry version 1.14 open its own files?

2. Once Inquiry version 1.14 has opened its own Inquiry files, how can I copy some files from one set of Inquiry files to another?

3. I have spent years attaching icons to thousands of Inquiry folders and files. After all my Inquiry icons have disappeared, how do I bring them back?