Inquiry v1.9 SR4 Suffers FATAL Error!

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Preston Mitchell 09/05/2012 04:52 pm
Inquiry SR4 developed a fatal error in the IE9 toolbar.

The SR4 error message states: “There is a serious problem with MetaProducts Inquiry. The server part is inaccessible.”

SR4 will no longer collect web research from IE9. SR4 will no longer let us access our existing research material from IE9. CONSEQUENTLY, SR4 can no longer perform Internet research. AND I was forced to go back to the stable SR3!

Come on, MetaProducts, this is too much! Do you think your customers want to see messages like ‘There is a serious problem with Inquiry’? I am sorry but I am going to raise Hell again.

I strongly recommend making your Beta stable. That Beta offers outstanding professional features. Once it is stable, Inquiry will become the world's best PROFESSIONAL Internet research tool. Do not doubt my words!