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Preston Mitchell 08/07/2012 01:02 pm
In all fairness, the latest version of Inquiry offers noticeable improvements. In many respects, the latest version is the best one ever produced. Even so, Collections is still Inquiry’s greatest weakness.

Please consider how easy it would be to turn Inquiry into a Gold Medal winner.

One. Add a ‘Switch Collections’ BUTTON to the toolbar of the Inquiry standalone program.
Two. Add the ability to transfer research material between collections.
Three. Update the Help section to offer information about the new procedures for Collections.

If you implement those three features in the next version, Inquiry will be the undisputed champion of Internet Reseach software! May I explain why?

Do you think professional researchers only run one research project at a time?
NO, they often switch between projects.
That means they often switch between collections.
That means Collections is a frequently used feature. (I repeat Collections is a FREQUENTLY USED feature!)

Aside from Adobe, what smart software developer buries a frequently used feature in Options or Preferences?

Do you think it is efficient to go to Options every time a researcher wants to switch between Collections?

Why not place a drop-down menu for Collections on the toolbar of the Inquiry standalone program?
One click and quick switch!
That is not rocket science. It is just good common sense! Also, it is GREAT marketing sense, because your customers will find Inquiry more useful that way!

Put ‘Switch Collections’ button on the Toolbar. It will make a big difference to your customers. It will be a big improvement for Inquiry!

(Your strongest competitor is Ultra Recall. Guess where the Ultra Recall placed access to different ‘databases’? It made a big difference to me. I voted for that feature by buying Ultra Recall as my SECOND Internet research tool! But an improved Inquiry Collections would make Ultra Recall unnecessary! )

Don’t you think that some web research can be used for more than just one research project?

Ultra Recall allows web search to be copied or moved between databases.
Ultra Recall’s method is basic but effective—cut & paste and copy & paste!
What can’t MetaProducts add the same functionality to Collections?

Ultra Recall’s ability to transfer research is a big time saver.
I see no easy way to transfer research between Inquiry collections.

From a technical standpoint, Inquiry is a masterpiece of software development.
From a customer’s standpoint, Inquiry is a champion who stumbled near the finish line.
Again, add those improvements to Inquiry and Inquiry wins the Gold Medal!

F. Preston Mitchell
Oleg Chernavin 08/07/2012 02:27 pm

I deleted the two other posts because they are non-informative for other users. The forum goal is to keep information that might be useful for other people who look for answers and solutions.

Yes, these features are really good and necessary. We will discuss and schedule their implementation.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff