Create New Database by Renaming Current Database File???

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Preston Mitchell 12/06/2011 01:35 pm
Location of Inquiry 'Database' File?

Can I create a new database by finding the key current database file and renaming it (or moving it)? If so, what file (and where) should I target?

I am trying to create multiple databases for Inquiry. I thought if I could find the current database file and change its 'extension' name to 'OLD', I might create a new database for Inquiry.

I can't find Inquiry's main database file. I looked in Program Files - MetaProducts Inquiry. And I looked in Users - AppData - Roaming -MetaProducts - Inquiry.

I did found two files with the extension of 'dat', but renaming their extensions to 'old' doesn't completely remove all 'references' to the 'saved' web pages in the current database.

Thank you!
Andrey Filatkin 12/07/2011 01:27 am

Yes, you can create a new database. It's hack and it's not standart for Inquiry, but you can do it. Just create new folder on a disk and place an empty 'cats.dat' file in it. Then go to 'Tools\Options...\General\Store Folder...' and specify the new path. Inquiry will create a new database in this folder.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff
Preston Mitchell 12/07/2011 01:53 pm
Andrey -- Thank You!

Thank you for confirming my idea for a 'hack' to create new databases dedicated to individual research projects. Also, thank you for providing the missing piece of the puzzle. My solo efforts didn't quite get the hack right.

Inquiry would be the perfect Internet research tool IF it could create unlimited new databases. Aside from making it a dream for researchers to organize and manage their projects, all the research for a client's project could be easily transmitted as one database file to said client...and of course, the client would need Inquiry to open the file. Perhaps I suggested an excellent feature to consider for a future version.

Best regards,
Preston Mitchell