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Ron 08/21/2011 08:21 pm

Which gives me an idea, how about an option to preview the saved page once it's saved. On rare occasions I'll save pages only to find out that the page was not saved at all or as expected. So now I always startup the browser and check each time. After all, I'm saving it so when it goes away I can still access it. So it's important that the save actually work.
Ron 08/21/2011 08:33 pm
Ok, never mind. Updated to the latest release and an updated FF plugin, works. The clue, IE worked.

I still want the 'show me what I just saved' option though :-)
Andrey Filatkin 08/22/2011 02:13 am
You can use the editor in the Save dialog. It contains the presaved web-page.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff
Ron 08/22/2011 12:57 pm
It's disabled in Firefox.

Also, today neither Firefox nor IE can save those pages. All the formatting is lost.
Andrey Filatkin 08/23/2011 08:23 am
Can you send me the saved page backup ( On my computer it saved with all formatting.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff