Windows 7

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Amanco 10/30/2009 01:06 am
Is it compatible with windows 7, It didn't restore my previous backup.

Andrey Filatkin 10/30/2009 07:20 am
Inquiry is fully compatible with Windows 7. I just now tested restoring in Windows7 and it is worked.
Maybe you meet an accidental error? Can you try once more?

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff
BarJabba 06/02/2010 11:27 am
Yeh, is it 64 bit compatable as well?

I have Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit in a dual boot configurations with Windows XP Pro 32 bit. I love this app and really do not wish to make more purchases.

I now have to see if I can Import/Export from XP to Win7 64. I hopr I can find that here too. :-)

Andrey Filatkin 06/03/2010 04:01 am
Inquiry is 32 bit only, but you can use any 32bit program in Windows 64 bit.
You can change Inquiry Store Folder in Win7 to the existing Store Folder in Win XP and use one Inquiry base from both Windows.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff