Filenames - exporting to HTML

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Rich 10/02/2008 03:05 pm

I''ve noticed that when exporting webpages as HTML, special characters in the filename are converted into underscores, i.e. "I''m" is converted into "I_m". Is there any way to get around this?


Andrey Filatkin 10/03/2008 02:18 am
What behaviour you prefer in such situation?

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Andrey Filatkin
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Rich 10/03/2008 10:38 am
> What behaviour you prefer in such situation?

Good question, actually... ;) I forgot it would only be possible to keep some characters like "''", since most other special characters are illegal in filenames. I was just confused by the fact that "''" is converted to underscore also by Inquiry, even though that character /is/ legal in filenames. I guess that could be fixed but it doesn''t solve the problem in general.