supporting slimbrowser

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hossam salem 05/20/2008 06:34 pm
First of all , let me say you developped a great piece of software

The topic I want to ask for is support for slimbrowser
slimbrowser is a wonderfull IE based browser that pass unnoticed by many of us. It has great features like autologin , groups , ....

Inquiry toolbar may be added to slimbrowser (any ie bar can be added , but not guarnteed to work)
when added to slimbrowser the side bar never appears, which is very important

can you add a special integration with slimbrowser , as done with maxthon

and thank you again for the great product
Andrey Filatkin 05/21/2008 02:09 am

We cannot add a support for the sidebar for slimbrowser, because slimbrowser don''t give us the necessary infrastructure for it.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff