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Rick from Philly 03/09/2008 01:04 am
Thanks for your consideration....again...this is a FANTASTIC program.....!!!!!!!!!

-Password protection of folders.

-Editing, yellow highlighting...without having to use "Edit Page"...if possible. (at least the hightlight feature)

-Find Option: To "Find" highlighted or edited by user, etc....pages.

-Better drag & drop from within inquiry...especially to other folders...-

-Automatic detection of folder name appears at top of "Save Pages To Folder"....(sort of like what a form filler does) - this will help with not constantly using "Save pages to another folder", all the time...althought that is good. :)

-Fit webpages viewed from Inquiry browser to automatically fit the width of the browser box (width is fine when MP is maximized...but not when at default view with Saved pages folders view on).

-MP Inquiry button added to IE browser (to open Inquiry Browser), instead of desktop button.

-Right click option to open a link into user's default browser if needed.

-DUPLICATES!: ability to search for duplicates...option to delete them, or keep them...(exact duplicates...close duplicates, etc)

-DUPLICATES!: popup alert (option)...when saving or importing an exact duplicate page....(and can ONLY be disabled from options menu...not checkbox located on popup box...because it may be clicked on, then forgotten....hence....duplicates still coming into MP).

-Option to keep the same date as the imported other words...MP changes the link date to the current date...erasing the original date that the link was saved. This is ok as an option...but should not be also messes with sorting...because if you sort by date for example....the only date separation a user would have when using the autosave...maybe seconds apart. For example: I use maxthon...a tabbed browser. It has the option of having numerous tabs and groups saved. If I open a group of ten tabs...but click the Autosave button first....then MP will work great....saving the opening they open...or right after they are finished...BUT...the date of those links / tabs...changes to the current date. Sometimes it doesn't matter...but sometimes it does.....there should at least be a date option to change to current date...or keep original date. ***not being picky...MP is great....just :)

-Ability to re-import *chm files into MP that were once saved with MP. (this helps when importing a page that someone may have saved on a usb drive, floppy, etc, to carry from one pc to another) :)

-MP buttons or addins into saved emails in HTML or text format in outlook can be saved into MP. You the Adobe PDF button, Word, etc.....that would be GREAT!

-and FINALLY!....A PRINT DRIVER!!!!!!!!!! any Text file or Document like a PDF with HTML links or other webpages from other sources...can be "printed / imported" into MP!!!

-Oh yeah....when searching in Inquiry...the search goes into or shows the name of the folder containing the page/link! Pretty useful when it needs to be edited, deleted, compared with dup's, etc.

Oleg Chernavin 06/30/2008 09:18 am
We are sorry for the very late reply.

We are working on such features in Inquiry. For example, editing a page is simplier now - the Save dialog contains editor to do highlight, erase unnecessary page blocks, etc.

Many of the features you are asking are really great, but they will take time to implement. In any case, we continue working on Inquiry.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff