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KRandall 07/25/2007 02:17 pm
Good day,

The current version of MP Inquiry (1.6.408) conflicts with IE7 Pro v.0.9.20 ( on my configuration (Windows XP SP2 with all updates, IE v.7.0.5730.11).
When I disable the IE7Pro BHO addon or uninstall IE7Pro, MP Inquiry works normally with all other enabled addons.
There where no problems with previous version of MP Inquiry and this version of IE7 Pro.

Can you diagnose this situation?

Thank you

Andrey Filatkin 07/26/2007 03:49 am
Hello Kirill,

There is real conflict between any version of Inquiry and IE7Pro. And with a few another IE addons. We will try to resolve it in the future versions of Inquiry.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staf
Vimann 10/21/2007 09:45 am
In current version 1.6.424 SR1 conflict with IE7Pro still exist.
Is any progress to fix it?