mpiq:// protocol

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Ian Goldsmid 03/07/2007 06:03 pm

I see its possible to use the mpiq:// protocol to add internal linking between documents in Inquiry. But when I attempt to use these links in other applications - with a view to being able to navigate to specific folders in Inquiry - it is reported that the protocol isn't recognized.

Many program now are providing their own protocols to enable linking from other applications - e.g. Microsoft OneNote 2007 is a prime example of this.

Is there some way to enable mpiq:// links to be launched from other applications?

Is there a way to provide these - not just for Inquiry folders, but also as alternate links for individual saved web pages?


Andrey Filatkin 03/09/2007 04:03 am
The mpiq: protocol is not a real protocol now. It work in IE only. We are planning to make the protocol more helpful as part of our work on FireFox integration.

Andrey Filatkin