firefox v2.0.0.1 and inquiry

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anthony parkes 01/01/2007 03:34 pm

just trying thre trial of MPInquiry, but the plugin v1.1.2 is not supported in firefox, so i cannot install,

is there a newer version available please that will work with the latest version of firefox.


anthony parkes 01/01/2007 05:46 pm
ok, just seen v1.18 and loaded, but when i reload firefox the plugin options says it is unable to find any metaproducts download manager.

any ideas...

Andrey Filatkin 01/03/2007 04:43 am
This extension is common for some of MetaProducts programs. The options are related with Mass Downloader and Download Express in the main.

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff