Firefox 2.0 integration

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Adam Webb 11/13/2006 07:10 am
According to your website, Inquiry Standard is already integrated with Firefox 2.0. Yet I can see no way within Inquiry to configure this, and right clicking in Firefox does not produce the required box. Any idea whent his will be fixed?
Oleg Chernavin 11/13/2006 07:38 am
Can you please use FireFox to open the .xpi file from the directory where Inquiry is installed? This should install the integration.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Adam Webb 11/14/2006 05:00 am
I tried to install the .xpi file as requested, only to recieve a message telling me it could not be installed, as MetaProducts Integration 1.1.2 was not compatible with Firefox 2.0. Any other ideas?
Oleg Chernavin 11/14/2006 05:11 am
It is possible to update (Find Updates) the plugin in FF 2.0 and it will load the new version 1.1.5 for you.

Adam Webb 11/15/2006 05:33 am
I have version 1.4.339 service release 2 of Inquiry Standard. When I go to Plug-ins, it informs me that this feature is only available with the Pro edition. So at present, Inquiry Standard appears not to work with Firefox 2.0
Oleg Chernavin 11/15/2006 05:42 am
You mixed up two plugins - in Inquiry and in FireFox. Please use FireFox plugins dialog.

Adam Webb 11/15/2006 06:55 am
Ah yes, I see it now. Got the plug-in, and installed it with partial success. Firefox 2.0 will now download pages, but does not give me a choice as to where they are saved. Using Opera or MISE, Inquiry offers a choice of folders?
Adam Webb 11/15/2006 06:58 am
Okay, found the solution to this one, for anyone else having difficulty, it's configured from within Firefox. Thanks, Oleg, for your help.
Oleg Chernavin 11/15/2006 07:03 am
You are welcome!