1.4 SR2 released

Author Message
Andrey Filatkin 09/19/2006 07:37 am
Changes list.

- Improved sorting pages by URLs and names. It uses the "smart sort" method (as in Windows Explorer) instead of the alphabetic sort now. As a result, the pages are sorted in the intuitive order (page3.html before page10.html).
- Added import of pages exported by ScrapBox. Inquiry gets all metadata (including comments, page titles and icons) from ScrapBox-saved files.
- Added support of the Snap To Default Button setting in Windows.
- Created more smart behavior of the dialog of saving page to the disk. Name of the file gets changed at the same time as the page title changes. It allows you to save page with the sensible name at no effort.
- Added context menus to the Save Page dialog - lists of media files. It contains select all, select none, invert selection and copy URL items. Added double click event. It selects the clicked item to be saved and deselects all other items.
- Added ability to print and print with preview a page in editor. It makes a way to print a corrected page more quickly.
- Added ability to change page thumbnail settings in the Options dialog.
- Added ability to clear selecton when generating thumbnails.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed page URL when importing from disk
- Fixed import of pages with unicode symbols in filenames
- Fixed import of pages with images when full filename was specified in links
- Fixed saving certain PDF files opened in a browser
- Fixed exception on the script execution in systems without the script support
- Fixed executing Load-type plugins during the AutoSave
- Fixed changing page comment and icon using the Page Properties dialog
- Fixed displaying thumbnails when browsing a folder in MS IE 7.0
- Fixed an error when exiting Maxthon browser
- Fixed a rare error when starting Inquiry Browser
- Fixed crashing Inquiry Browser when a page tried to close itself

Best regards,
Andrey Filatkin
MP Staff