Folder bug?

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Rich 06/13/2005 12:17 am


I think there is a bug when using the sidebar in MSIE (not sure if it is in the standalone version also, I`m not using it). Here`s what happens.

In the Saved Pages folder I have a number of folders, including a "Temp" fulder which I use for temporary stuff.

Now I`ve tried to create a folder named "Shop", also located in the Saved Pages folder. In the "Shop" folder I created two subfolders. No problems so far.

However, as soon as I shut down MSIE and restart it, the "Shop" folder has disappeared, and the two subfolders it contained have moved to the "Temp" folder instead. I can reproduce the problem - if I re-create the "Shop" folder and drag the two subfolders back into it, and then shut down and restart MSiE, the folder is gone and the subfolders have jumped back to the "Temp" folder again.


Rich 06/13/2005 12:19 am

I forgot to tell it`s the Pro version 1.1.150...
Rich 06/13/2005 01:01 am

Well I`ve just discovered that in the C:\Documents and Settings\(Username)\Application Data\MetaProducts\Inquiry folder, there now is several "Shop" folders, names Shop, Shop1, Shop2 etc., each containing the two subfolders. If that is of any help.

Rich 06/13/2005 02:06 am

I`ve made a screendump of my folders as listed in both Inquiry and Explorer, since there also seem to be a couple of other problems. I think that will explain it all more clearly.

I`m not able to attach the file on your email page however, so do you have an address I can send it to instead?

Oleg Chernavin 06/13/2005 05:48 am
Thank you! We have fixed the problem. Please do not use the name "Temp" for a folder for a while. The next version will have this issue fixed.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff