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Ron Horn 02/08/2005 11:27 pm
To save time in collecting things from frequently visited web sites, how about a dynamic suggestion somewhere on the MRU based on the site URL.

For instance, suppose I`m at and I select the drop down next to the yellow down arrow...
Save page to Folder "new folder1"
0 Yahoo
1 eBay > Purchases
2 Misc
Metaproducts > 2/8/04 (or the appropriate date format based on locale)
Save Page to Another Folder...

In this way, you can adopt using the suggested name most of the time and quickly/easily keep things categorized without having to bother locating existing or creating new folders. Afterwards, you can create sub folders inside the suggested name to better organize your collection. The initial collection will be painless though because the destination will be offered to you and created if necessary.

The date as a sub-folder was an afterthought. There are many possibilities but you don`t want to offer too many and make the list too busy. Perhaps if you take things this far you can offer some predefined subfolder masks that the user can choose from in Options.

Ron Horn 02/09/2005 01:06 am
.........oh, and if you want to stretch this a bit more and add some additional intelligence, how about remembering the folder I last saved anything from into and offer it up as a destination in the MRU. This way, Inquiry would become even smarter and learn where I`m likely to want to save things. IN ADDITION :-) ... you could offer up any subfolders of Metaproducts on a submenu off of the MRU.

Now that last one could get messy to implement so here`s an alternative. When I select Save Page to Another Folder, automatically navigate to the folder in which I last saved something from this domain into. That way it`s still quick to get to the last used folder AND subfolders used for a domain without having to over compilate the MRU.

Of course I`m still suggesting that the MRU offer as a minimum the domain name... = Metaproducts.

Oleg Chernavin 02/09/2005 09:54 am
This is probably a good idea. We will think about it. Thank you!

It may go to our plans for 1.2 version.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff