Ron Horn
02/07/2005 11:27 pm
Especially the part about saving all the guts in a zip file. Makes for very neat storage!

Only been at it for 10 minutes so all I`ve got is a nit. The confirm dialog doesn`t appear if you add a page from the right click menu. But heck, I`ll be turing that off soon enough.

Now if I can just remember where all those web pages were that I wanted to archive! First, there`s copies of all my completed eBay auctions.

Kudo`s everyone!

Oleg Chernavin
02/08/2005 04:24 am

Thank you for the tip about the right-click save confirmation. We will add it shortly. Please keep us informed if you find other issues or have new suggestions.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff