Download Queue not starting...

12/06/2009 10:16 pm
I'm using the latest version of Download Express (

I want to be able to queue up downloads and have them download one by one. How do I do this? I have active downloads set to 1. I want to click a link and have it download, and while that is downloading click another link and have it queue and automatically download when the first one is finished and so on.
12/07/2009 02:27 am
Yes, it should behave so. What does happen for you when the first file is downloaded?

MP Staff.
12/07/2009 02:38 pm
I have active downloads set to 1. I queue up 3 downloads and 1 is actively downloading like normal. After the current active download is finished, it stops downloading. It doesn't continue on and download the other queued files.
12/08/2009 01:19 am
How do you start the first downloading? Please use the Start Active Downloads button on toolbar.

Mp Staff.
12/08/2009 02:41 am

By clicking the start button... I'm not too keen on how this program works so I'm using the trial version of Mass Downloader... Seeing if it's better but thx Alexander :-)