PHP Downloads aren''t working in DE

Douglas Keene
07/24/2009 04:56 pm
I saw other questions regarding downloading of .php scripts not downloading the file but only the script. I did not see any resolution. Here is an example of what I see. Download this link using DE.

The file name downloaded should be "", a 406K zip file.

DE only downloads a file called kdir.php. This occurs with many many sites. There are other cases where it downloads the script also, but in this case a file name with all digits instead of the actual file. Here is an example of that one.

The file downloaded should be: Port Ogden and, a 14.24 mb zip file.

DE only downloads a file named: OGUxMmY1OGU1NzQxNWQwNjM3OWU0MGRlOGM1MGJjMjI_

I verified that the sites were downloading properly when the "Save Link" command is used within Windows instead of the DE method. I am using the latest Firefox version with Windows Vista 64.

This is a serious problem. Any solutions?

07/27/2009 09:45 am
Could you please try the new build of Download Express? You can download it from:
Please install it over the existing version. Please do not switch off the Firefox checkbox on the last installation step to update the FireFox plugin to version 1.2.1.
Please write about the result.

MP Staff.