DE Trys to Download automatically from IE

Matt Elness
07/01/2006 12:12 am
When I am browsing through IE if I come upon a page that has a downloadable file DE automatically asks me do I want to save the file instead of just opening it. How do I stop that from happening?
07/01/2006 09:11 am
Matt Elness,

Thank you for writing us.
Please go to the Download Express Options dialog, Integration page. Please check the "Monitor clicks with hotkey only" box and uncheck the "Use alternative integration method" box (if checked.) Click the OK button.
Please write us about the result. Thank you!

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation
Matt Elness
07/01/2006 09:42 am
That worked! Thank You, that was getting to be real annoying.
07/01/2006 10:06 am
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.