Default Download browser

06/01/2006 02:02 am
How i set this as my default download browser instead of windows download screen
06/01/2006 05:16 am

Thank you for writing us.

Download Express checks the filename extension when you click the link and opens download dialog for monitoring file types only (Download Express Options | Integration | Accept file types).

Could you please make some tests for us? These tests will help us to find problem cause, if any, and will show you the ways of using Download Express.

1. Please check your settings at the Download Express Options dialog, Integration tab.
You need to have "Monitor Ctrl+Alt clicks only" box unchecked, all desired file extensions entered to the "Accept file types" edit box. Click Ok button.
2. Open the new browser window, go to any page with downloadable file links.
Click any link with the monitoring file type (extension). What has happened?
3. Please hold Ctrl+Alt keys and click any link. What has happened?
4. Please right-click any link and select the "Download using Download Express" popup menu item. What has happened?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff