download express don't ask me where to save in firefox

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Lili 05/19/2006 07:45 pm
Hello, I'm using an old version of download express 'cause I like it very much (1.3), but I have a problem in firefox. I have installed the firefox plugins and it seems to work fine, because the program is launched automatically, and it downloads the file, but all the datas are saved in system 32/ download express (or something like that) and the program never asks me where to save. And it's weird because when I use Internet Explorer, it asks me every time ! I didn't find what to do. Is there a way to tell Download Express that it must always save the files in My Documents/My receive files ? Thank you very much for your help !
Ps : sorry for all the faults (maybe), I'm french.
Alexander 05/22/2006 06:35 am

The problem cause is that Download Express 1.3 does not know about FireFox (this version is very old, older than FireFox.) The recent version should work well.

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Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Lili 05/22/2006 07:00 am
Thank you very much for your answer ! I understand.
So , maybe I will upgrade my DE... But if it doesn't know firefox at all, it's amazing that the plugin for firefox works, isn't it ? :-) Bah... All I have to do is to create a shortcut to windows/system 32/MetaProducts... I'm joking.
Alexander 05/22/2006 08:14 am

The plugin for FireFox knows about FireFox and Download Express. And it sends to Download Express a command to open the Save As dialog, but the old version of DE doesn't understand this command.