Minimise to tray

Ruc Razy
03/31/2006 09:16 am

I downloaded DE today and installed it on my laptop at work. There was an option on maybe the General Tab to minimise to system tray with a cool incremental pie-chart like icon in the tray.

Since the version on my home PC doesnt show this option, I downloaded it again at home but I cant see the "Minimise to System Tray" option.

What gives?
03/31/2006 02:35 pm
Ruc Razy,

Thank you for writing us.
This is an advanced feature, you can install it using the Download Express Options dialog, General page, Install button. Please note that it will be available for 30-ty days, then you will need to register Download Express or re-install it without Install Advanced Features box checked.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation