DE `saves` but will not `run`

03/19/2006 05:36 pm
Each time I download and select "run" instead of "save", DE will not open the file regardless of file type but saves them to c:\Docs...\temp\. They can be opend from there.

If I select "save", files ARE saved into my selected (different) folder and can be accessed there and opened.

At the same time for `save` or `run`, although my web page changes to the download file web address, I get the message "Page cannot be displayed`.
File types are set at default.

Why will they not open -ie. Pdf`s, graphics etc???
This is very frustrating in the least - as having to "back" on this "can`t be displayed" page and then explore down to either C:\Docs...\temp or to my selected downloads folder is time wasting.

Anyone got ideas - never had this problem when using Flashget/Jetcar.
03/20/2006 09:02 am

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please tell me the full path of your temp folder?
I mean this `c:\Docs...\temp\.` We need this for a test.

Regarding the `Page cannot be displayed`message - please go to the Download Express Options dialog, Integration page. Please check the `Use alternative integration method` box and click the OK message.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff