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hamfry 11/26/2005 12:27 am
I have tried to download a file from rapidshare. Unfortunately, it always showed an error message "unable to load file - status: 404 not found". Besides, i download the file via proxy server. Can anyone help me ?
Alexander 11/28/2005 05:27 am

Thank you for writing us.
Are you able to download these files without Download Express (when you click the link with the depressed Shift key?)
Could you please give me one of these problem links for a test?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
hamfry 11/28/2005 10:23 pm
I am able to download them w/o download express. Here`s one of those links for example:

Alexander 11/29/2005 07:43 am

Thank you for your feedback.
Could you please tell me how do you add the download to Download Express? What is your Download Express version?

hamfry 11/29/2005 09:52 pm
I add the download by right-click the mouse. My Download Express version is 1.7.
Alexander 12/07/2005 05:17 am

Thank you for the information.
We are looking for the ways to improve the integration with the RapidShare server.