Only one download at time - how?

09/23/2005 04:28 am
Well, I want that DE download only one file at time, while all other files added with browser click during some active download are only aded to queue and no one new download is started while current download is finished.

I already set number of active downloads in Project List to 1, but when I click to a link for another file during some active download, save dialog appear and then 2nd download start automatically, 3rd also etc.

So, is possible the following scenario:

browser click to the file 1 -> download 1 started
browser click to the file 2 -> download 2 paused until download 1 is finished
browser click to the file 3 -> download 3 paused until download 1 and 2 are finished
download 1 is finished -> download 2 automaticaly start, download 3 is still on hold.

The scenario above is usual for download managers but I cannot release it with DE (not only with the latest version, but also with many previous versions). Bug, feature or I make some wrong in settings?

09/30/2005 09:57 am
Thank you for writing us.

What is your current Download Express version number?

10/02/2005 07:27 am
I wanted to do the same thing as you. The only way i can get it to `queue up` is by dragging the link you want to download onto the Dowload Express Projects List (with the Active downloads set to 1, which you have already done). If you right-click on a link to add to the list, it`ll download it immediately. Hope that helped!
10/02/2005 05:38 pm
Ignore my post. My way adds the downloads to the list, but it doesn`t download the queued up items automatically when an ongoing download is finished. I`d like to know how to queue up and download automatically one by one as well.