Please update for Opera users!

09/15/2005 03:43 am
Opera had this one time free registration and now there are more Opera users around the world but my favorite download manager is Download express and I cannot use it with opera!

Please give us an update for Opera.

Opera user
09/20/2005 05:24 am
Download Express with Opera would be nice, great!!!
09/20/2005 08:08 am
Thank you!
We have this in plans for 1.9 version.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Ruc Razy
09/21/2005 09:45 am
Update : Opera is now totally free. Please build in support for Opera 8 in DE.
09/21/2005 10:28 am
yep. lots of userbase now. Still waiting for an addon for opera
Teun Bijvoet
09/28/2005 05:37 pm
Yes please. Safest browser in the world.
03/18/2006 10:26 pm
Even 1.9 has a problem:

There is no plug-in registered with Opera - It says I can install Netscape plug-in (not IE`s) but I cannot enable this on installation. If I right click on a webshots file - click use Download Express - I am asked to save a dat file (not WBZ) and then download express then tries to download JAVEACRIPT, not http://.......wbz
03/20/2006 08:52 am
Download Express 1.9 adds the "+ Download Express: download this file" item into the Opera link right-click menu. Please use it to send your files to Download Express from Opera.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff