Download Express takes servers hostage?

Rollen Fowler
06/08/2005 04:40 pm

Is Download Express considered an "accelerator" (which, some say holds a server "hostage") or something on order like BitTorrent. I use Download Express and love it, but I have a friend who`s accusing me of using an unfriendly software (he`s never heard of Download Express) and claims that "DE" takes a server over and denies access to others until I`m done.

Some clarification would be helpful so I can set him straight :-)


Eugene, OR
Oleg Chernavin
06/09/2005 02:48 am
This depends on how you are using Download Express. Its feature is that it opens several simultaneous connections to the server to load the file faster. If you open dozens of Download Express windows to load many files from the same server at once, it is really possible that the server will be serving mostly your requests and other server visitors will face serious delays.

However if you are running a single file download with this program and you are using 10 connections or less to load the file. Also, I would suggest you to set Speed to High - this may also help the server.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff