DE breaks "open web" in Frontpage, webfolders and "add network ressource (http)" in Windows XP

Sepp Steiner
05/29/2005 05:17 pm
It took me days and a lot of complete reinstalls of my system to figure that out.

DE breaks "open web" in MS Frontpage XP SP3, webfolders and "add network ressource (http)" in Windows XP SP2, they always tell me there are bad characters in the URL or the host does not respond.

While adding a host to the list of network ressources _before_ installing DE I can still open it afterwards, but no new hosts and no more addings.

The problem first occures in the last phase of the installation process (standard and expert mode) right before it asks to open the readme file.

Uninstalling DE does NOT fix it. A workaround is adding this data (caught from before installing DE) to the registry, this is overridden (and breaks) again while changing options in DE.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="ftp: Asychronous Pluggable Protocol Handler"

@="http: Asychronous Pluggable Protocol Handler"

@="Microsoft OLE DB Moniker Binder for Internet Publishing"

@="Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing"

@="https: Asychronous Pluggable Protocol Handler"

@="Microsoft OLE DB Moniker Binder for Internet Publishing"

@="Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing"

Seems that DE reroutes the call for an URL to itself (and back if it is not for DE), this works ok for plain http/https/ftp but not for Microsofts implementation of WebDAV that is used for "open web" in Frontpage, webfolders and "adding network ressources (http)" in Windows XP. Or there is a problem with DE when the call is not a click in an Internet Explorer windows but internal in Windows.

This was always reproducible and is a grave bug with DE, for more information please ask here.
05/30/2005 03:32 am
Dear Sepp Steiner,

Thank you for your report.
Could you please switch to alternative integration method in the Download Express Options dialog, Integration page? Please check the corresponding box and click the OK button.
Then please restore Pluggable Protocol Handlers related Registry entries as you did this before and test how FrontPage and Download Express works together with this setting.
Please write us about the result. Thank you!

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation
Sepp Steiner
05/30/2005 02:00 pm
Hello Alexander,

thank you for your fast response. Switching to alternate integration and reimporting my registry file for restoring the handler as you told me works flawlessly, thank you for this fast workaround. Unfortunately the handler is set to DE again when pressing the ok button in DE options, but restoring the registry helps. Would be very nice if this is done automagically (and on uninstalls ;-). I have no insight, but maybe the best would be if DE could hand over Frontpage/Webfolders requests back to the windows handler.

A problem with alternate integration is the added file extensions in DE do not work with it, DE always starts when Internet Explorer would start a download rather than displaying the content directly.

An other problem with "normal" integration is if I have to press ctrl+alt to start a download (with or without "monitor clicks with ctrl+alt keys only") after confirming the DE download dialog (the first one with the speed selection) also an Internet Explorer download dialog pops up. No big problem but a little bit annoying. Seems a little bit tricky to catch clicks on links in Internet Explorer, most download managers have smaller or bigger issues with browser integration, but DE is really one of the better ones ;-). Right clicking and selecting "download with DE" on the link works great.

DE is a very nice and minimalistic download manager, I hate these all in wonder thingies, go on with your good work and thank you for providing it for free for private use!

Sepp Steiner