Anti-virus scan with CA`s EZ anti-virus

Lee Schwartz
05/22/2005 01:30 pm
Just upgraded to CA`s EZ anti-virus version With previous versions I had no problem getting the EZ anti-virus to scan after download. Now I am having a problem. They changed the name of the different exe`s in the EZ folder, so I don`t know which to choose. Do I use: cafix.exe, cav.exe, cavcmd.exe, cavctx.exe, cavrep.exe, cavrid.exe, cavtray.exe, isafe.exe, isafinst.exe or vetmsg.exe? Also, I don`t know how to set command parameters. Thanks in advance.
04/10/2006 08:52 am
Lee Schwartz,

Thank you for writing us.
Please use:

CavCmd.exe %1 /c /q /e

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff