Where can I find a complete list of DE command line switches..?

John Sim-Bravenboer
03/19/2005 02:36 am
Dear Download Express Development Team,

I noticed in one thread on this forum that a complete list of command line switches for Download Express would be published sometime soon.

If it is already published, can somebody please point me to where I can find it..?

Also, are there any command line switches for the projectslist.exe part of the Download Express program..?

Basically I`m trying to find out if there is a command line switch for just adding a download to the project list without having the download immediately start..?

Thanks and regards,

John... ;-)
03/19/2005 02:46 pm
John Sim-Bravenboer,

Download Express contains very limited command line switches set now.
We plan to improve it in the next 1.8 version.
The full description will be published then.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| Senior Developer
| MetaProducts Corporation
John Sim-Bravenboer
03/20/2005 03:15 am
Quote: "We plan to improve it in the next 1.8 version."

Looking forward to it already :-)


John... ;-)