Installation problem with proxy

Guilherme G. Schneider
03/09/2005 01:11 pm
I downloaded Download Express and tried to install it.
It gives me a prompt asking me that it found that I use a proxy configuration (true) and ask if I want to use the same configuration in Download Express. No mater if I click yes or no it prompt the same window again and again... I have to use End Task to stop the installation.
03/11/2005 07:31 am
Dear Guilherme G. Schneider,

Thank you for writing us.
This problem is fixed. Could you please download the updated build from: ?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Guilherme G. Schneider
03/11/2005 12:56 pm
Thank you very much for the fast and efficient answer. It works now.