Download Express WM_COPYDATA message parameters

03/19/2007 03:39 am
Download Express WM_COPYDATA and command line parameters description

Download Express does not parse command lines for the command= parameter. It does parse task data sent with the WM_COPYDATA message only.

For the Download Express command line task please use the following format:
dep.exe "command=param1=value;param2=value;..."

For the WM_COPYDATA message please use CRLF instead of `;` and do not use the "command=" prefix.

Please note that the "Mode" parameter is necessary for Download Express.

Parameters description:

Url - Project URL.
Comment - Project comment.
Referer - Project link referrer (Referer is a misspelling of "referrer" which somehow made it into the HTTP standard.)
Threads - threads number for this Project (for Mass Downloader only.)
Priority - Project download Priority (when the Download Priority system is used) - for Mass Downloader only.
Path - Download folder and filename for the downloaded file
FileName - file name, if the Path parameter doesn`t contain it
Mode - How to add (for Mass Downloader only):
`default` - using default parameters;
`add` - add to the Project list;
`start` - start this Project if it is possible;
`addtoqueue` - add this project to Download Queue (when the Download Queue feature is used).
Category - Project Category (for Mass Downloader only.)
ExitWhenDone - True for exit after download completes, False otherwise. (for Mass Downloader only.)
DoNotRename - use the filename from the Path parameter, do not rename automatically. (for Mass Downloader only.)
DeleteWhenDone - remove the Project from the Projects list when done (for Mass Downloader only.)
NoDescription - do not create file with description (for Mass Downloader only.)
UserName - user name to login
Password - password to login
CustomHeaders - custom HTTP request headers


(command line)
dep.exe "command=Url=;Comment=Download Express setup; Referer=; Path=c:\testfile.exe"

Comment=Download Express setup