Emails not getting through to you Alexander!

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Defenestration 01/08/2005 09:06 am

I`ve tried to send an e-mail with the DE logs twice but both times the mail was returned to me with the error:

Remote host said: 451 mail server temporarily rejected message (#4.3.0)

I`ll try again, but I can also send it to if it will reach you. Is this OK ?
Alexander 01/08/2005 10:08 am
Yes, please. Please pack these logs into ZIP archive.

Defenestration 01/09/2005 04:56 am

I sent it to your address again, and also to with "FAO Alexander Bednyakov - " at the beginning of the Subject line. Can you post back here or send me an e-mail to confirm if you`ve received it.
Defenestration 01/10/2005 03:53 am
Both of these were also returned to me with same error:o(

It might have something to do with the attached logs so I`ll try e-mailing you without any logs to confirm I can send mail to you.
Alexander 01/10/2005 05:22 am
Thank you for your tries.
I`ve sent you a message with my alternative email address.

Defenestration 01/10/2005 05:44 am
Alexander 01/10/2005 06:09 am
Thank you!