The new FireFox plugin

12/28/2004 08:58 am
We just released the first version of MetaProducts integration plugin for Mozilla FireFox 1.0.
You can download it from:

To install the plugin, please drag and drop the file to FireFox window using Windows Explorer. Then please restart FireFox application.
Now you can use the link right-click menu item "Download Express: download this file." Also, FireFox will offer you to use Download Express to download files.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Johnny Sim-Bravenboer
03/14/2005 07:07 am
There`s another Mozilla based browser which I actually prefer above Firefox, called K-Meleon.

The K-meleon browser is very customizable because of it`s macro language support.

Using this macro language I created a macro which allows the use of Download Express with the K-Meleon browser.

The macro can be found here:
03/14/2005 07:29 am
Dear Johnny Sim-Bravenboer,

Thank you very much for your kmeleon plugin!

Rockin Rog
01/24/2006 02:55 am
I agree, thanks for the Firefox Plugin! Your utility is very effective for it`s size and no popups! Very nice. Dial-up (yes there`s still those) users rejoice.