Download Express and .pdf files

11/02/2004 06:45 pm
Runnning WinXP Pro SP2 with all updates.

I know you are aware of the problem with .pdf files. At this time, I just want to get back to handling these without Download Express.

In Windows Explorer / Options / File types, I have always unchecked "Confirm Open after Download" so that .pdf files do not open in my browser, but instead, are downloaded. Even though I have eliminated .pdf in DE`s integration, I do not seem to be able to get back to my old way of hanlding these file types.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time!
11/03/2004 04:46 am
Thank you for writing us.

Please go to the Download Express Options dialog, Integration tab and remove the PDF extension from the Accept file types list.
Do you have the "Use alternative integration method" box checked?

Please click the OK button and test your PDF downloads.
Please write us about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
11/03/2004 07:47 pm
Yes, I had already deleted .pdf from the integration options. Yes, I still have alternate integration checked.

My workaround is to enable Acrobat Reader to open .pdf files in my web browser, and then save them.

What I want to do is just download .pdf files.

11/04/2004 03:52 am
Please uncheck the box "Use alternative integration method." When it is checked, Internet Explorer uses Download Express instead of its default downloaded for PDF files.
Please write me about the result. Thank you.