Spybot Killed my Download Express

09/07/2004 01:27 pm
Loved Download Express. Got me great transfer rates, especially when no one else was using the university network. Decided to run SpyBot. Oops. It killed my Download Express capabilities. I used some of the strictest settings it offered, and Download express would no longer function, even after reinstall. Everything works great, but the connection Always times out now. Even on files that I can immediately start downloading normally through IE. Win98 system. I switched to WinGet because it worked after being installed, after turning off spybot. I would like to get Download express working again. Any ideas? I lost the 95% downloaded 700mb file that was of most importance, and have had to start over with winget... Lost in the sense that Download express would not retrieve the rest of it!
Thanks for your time and consideration,
09/08/2004 02:27 am
Dear Michael,

Thank you for writing us.
Do you use proxy server?

Please try the following:
1. Open the Download Express Options dialog, HTTP Proxy page
2. Select "HTTP Proxy" proxy type
3. Keep all fields blank
4. Check the "Use NTLM authentication" box, then click the OK button

Please test your downloads and write us about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff