background sounds in web pages

09/04/2004 02:16 am
I have a web page that uses the <bgsound> tag for playing an mp3 background sound, but when i tested the page DE tries to save it to disk and it is meant to go to my browser cache so my browser can play it.

I know I can turn off downloading mp3 files in DE options, but I shouldn`t have to in this instance. It`s not an auto-download tag or anything fancy.

try it
09/14/2004 03:31 am
is there some GOOD reason why this has not been replied to?

i`ve visited plenty of sites with background sounds in them which i know aren`t meant to be stolen by DE.

not everyone has flash authoring programs to put sounds into pages and using embed etc. means having a stupid media player toolbar on your page when you don`t want it

so what have you got to say metapeople?
09/14/2004 04:01 am
Dear Louie,

Please excuse me for the delay.
Please go to the Download Express Options dialog and check the "Use alternative integration method" box, then click the OK button.
This should fix the problem.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
09/21/2004 02:39 am

p.s. what is the alternative integration method?
09/21/2004 08:55 am
Microsoft added the special program interface since the IE 5.5 version.
This box allows Download Express to use this new way.