[Feature req] Modified option for CTRL+ALT keys

08/26/2004 05:13 am
The integration-tab of the program gives an option to only monitor files if CTRL+ALT is pressed. Would it be possible to modify this option or add an extra option? I.e. if CTRL+ALT is pressed and a link to a file is clicked, that DE DOES NOT try to download the file, and that (by default) all (well mostly all) files are downloaded by DE.

08/26/2004 07:05 am
Dear CoRrRan,

Thank you for writing us.
You can use the Shift key to make Download Express ignoring the click.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
08/27/2004 04:14 am
Excellent! Just what I wanted. Perhaps I should have read the help file...

/me = not too smart... just opened the "online help"-page and I found the answer right in the middle of my screen...

Well thanks for responding so quickly Mr Bednyakov. Luckily you also respond to stupid questions...