Proxy Problem-please help-

Ghetu Daniel
06/19/2004 10:16 am

I`ve just downloaded Dexpress and i have a problem with the proxy settings.

I think it`s the ISP settings for get/send request cause when i`m trying to download a file bigger than 256KB in IE,Opera etc a blank page appears with this message:

While trying to retrieve the URL: (example)

The following error was encountered:

The request or reply is too large.
If you are making a POST or PUT request, then your request body (the thing you are trying to upload) is too large. If you are making a GET request, then the reply body (what you are trying to download) is too large. These limits have been established by the Internet Service Provider who operates this cache. Please contact them directly if you feel this is an error.

This is the error in IE but when i`m using proxy in DExpress it cannot connect to the site where i want to download something(maybe cause i`m using 3128 proxy port an not an ordinary 8080)

My question is how can i get it to work that proxy in DExpress cause when i`m using it in IE my speed is higher than the one without proxy.

I know that it`s an ISP problem but pls help me to resolve this problem.

Sorry for my bad english but i`m not an english speaker. Thnx in advance.
06/21/2004 06:22 am
Dear Ghetu Daniel,

Thank you for writing us.
As I understand, you can work without proxy. Please try to use Download Express without proxy settings at all.
Your ISP uses the caching proxy, this proxy type will not increase the speed of Download Express.
Please write us about the result. Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Ghetu Daniel
06/22/2004 08:18 am
Yup without proxy it`s working...but with some program called JAP i`ve managed to bypass ":D proxy settings...but now downloading it`s ok but surfing it`s like an dial-up.

Anyway this is ISP`s fault so Thanks for answering and support/feedback!
06/22/2004 10:57 am
Please do not change your browser settings, just clear Download Express` proxy settings.