Avant Browser compability with DE

03/19/2004 03:35 pm
Is there any plan to make Avant Browser compatible with Download Express? I`m using the current version of Avant Browser, and when I right-click on a download link I can see "Download using Download Express", but it doesn`t catch the downloads when I click directly on the download links, or press CTRL-ALT while clicking on the link: in both cases, I still get Internet Explorer`s download dialog.
03/22/2004 04:16 am
Dear Steve,

Please read the following topic:

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

03/23/2004 07:26 pm
Dear Alexander, thanks for the reply but your solution is causing more problems than before. I installed the program, set it to use Download Express, but now when I tried to download something A LOT of download windows from Download Express open together without stopping until I manually terminate Avant Browser from the Task Manager. There are also a lot of runtime errors (code 216) given by Download Express. This happened when I click the big download link from:
So there are no chances I can get this working with Avant right? GetRight works fine with Avant by downloading a fix from http://www.getright.com/clickmon.html , but I really wanted to use Download Express as I liked it more... Any help? Thanks