multiple incomplete files

02/15/2004 10:39 am
it seems that each time I have an incomplete file while trying to download game demos, it is leaving a dos fille on my machine that I can`t delete because it says that it is in use by another program.
I have deleted the item from the project list and no longer have the url. The strange thing is that it won`t let me delete or move but if I copy it pastes another copy of the incomplete file that also can`t be deleted. I am currently trying to download the UT 2004 demo and it keeps failing stating incorrect file name, and has left a non deletable incomplete file on my desktop. Help, at this rate I am going to be deluged with incomplplete files that I can`t get rid of
02/17/2004 04:27 am
Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for writing us.
Which Windows version do you use?


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Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
04/22/2005 07:12 pm
I as well am experiencing the same problem... Although I do not know the other`s OS, mine is a 98. Though I don`t think OS version would download wrong...
04/23/2005 03:51 am

Thank you for writing us.
Do you use the latest Download Express 1.7 version?

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