it doesn`t connect!

Magda K.
01/28/2004 06:33 pm
Hello, I have a problem with Download Express - it doesn`t connect to any of the download sites. I`ve just spent several minutes waiting for conection - it timed out, then it was resumed, then timed out again... What`s wrong? I`ve tried changing my proxy settings, then exitting my firewall, but nothing seems to work.
01/30/2004 03:42 am
Dear Magda K,

Thank you for writing us.

Please try the following tip:
1. Open Download Express Options | HTTP Proxy
2. Set Proxy type setting to "HTTP Proxy"
3. Check the box "Use NTLM authentication"
4. Clear all other fields or keep them blank
5. Click OK button

Please test your downloads and write us about the result.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff