How to resume old incomplete downloads ?

10/02/2003 11:18 am

I`ve changed my DE v1.3 to v1.4. I`ve saved the index directory with its .mdw files. How can I resume from them and the .DE files ?

With the new version 1.4 how will I do ?

Thanks for your help. I`m an IT professional.

10/03/2003 08:12 am
Dear Mike,

Download Express stores the information about incomplete downloads in its Registry entry. Did you uninstall the previous version (DE clears its Registry entry on uninstall) ?
If you don`t, you can click the original file links. Download Express searches its internal database for the clicked link and offers to resume the download if the corresponded record is found.

Otherwise, please send your .MDW file and the path of incomplete file. We will make the .REG file to import the necessary data to the Download Express` Registary entry.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| Senior Developer
| MetaProducts Corporation