How do can I finish an incomplete download when the Download Express start menu resume doesn`t work?

09/16/2003 09:20 pm
I`ve been downloading a 600 MB file for over 30 hours, then it went back from 51% to 0% the next time I
resumed it. The resume icon in the start menu was useless (still 0%). I know exactly
where the half downloaded file (about 300 MB) is on my hard drive. When I double clicked the incomplete file, it told me to run
the file from the start menu, and wouldn`t let me resume. I don`t have the time to download the whole thing again, and their shoulde be a way to use the 300 MB
that I already downloaded to finish it. Does any one know how do can I finish an incomplete download that isn`t in the start menu with Download Express, or another program to resume it?
09/23/2003 11:33 am
Dear Gary,

Thank you for writing us.
Do you use any Registry or disk "scavenging" utility?
It seems that the Download Express` service information was removed from the registry and/or Download Express` INDEX disk folder.
These records contain the information about downloaded parts of the file. It isn`t possible to resume the download without this information and Download Express starts the download from the beginning.

| Alexander Bednyakov
| Senior Developer
| MetaProducts Corporation