Multiple downloads in Download Express have automatic sequence?

08/27/2014 06:48 am
Does the Download Express v3.9 have an option to automatically d/l the next file on the list without user input?

I routinely d/l multiple large files (3 to 5 gig) and my connection becomes very clogged (days to complete) when I try to d/l more than one file at a time. This requires me to pause and manually start the next file. I would like to have this done for me, so I do not have to check back in all the time.

Is there a way to do this?

08/28/2014 03:04 am
Hello, Carl -

It seems you mean Mass Downloader 3.9.
In Mass Downloader, please go to the Options dialog, Download | Startup section.
Set the Maximum active downloads parameter to 1, click the OK button.

This will make Mass Downloader automatically starting next download when the previous is completed.

Best regards,
Carl Mundelius
09/01/2014 12:27 pm
Hi Alexander,
I guess I posted this in the wrong forum.

I do mean Download Express as that is the one I am using. I wanted to know about upgrading to Mass v3.9
I was using MetaProducts Download Express with Internet Explorer 8 on XP Pro sp3. Then I started using Firefox 26.0 and had to d/l MetaProducts Integreation 1.6.3 mpint.xpi. That is what I am using currently. I have removed and reinstalled DE so I do not see that as helping. I will be staying with Firefox v26.0 as that is the most stable under my XP Pro. I will not be changing my OS or browsers.

I changed the setting for active downloads to 1. It seemed to work until I had to restart windows, then DE reverted to multiple active downloads and I cannot get it to change back. So I am back to manually starting each project. I have a screen shot showing this active set to 1 with multiple active downloads in progress if that would help.

Is Mass Downloader 3.9 free for home users as DE is?

Thank you,
09/02/2014 01:36 am

Mass Downloader isn't free for home users.
Did you test Mass Downloader? Does it works well for you?