Suspended for reserving disk space

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Sonia 08/08/2014 01:43 am
Today I noticed that in the Progress View window, that half of my connections say that it is "suspended for reserving disk space, will resume soon". They only resume when one of the other connections finishes its download.

I normally have 10 connections that all work fine together. I also have over 400GB available on my HDD and the files I download are usually only around 300MB.

Do you know why this is happening as my downloads now take so much longer.

Alexander 08/08/2014 02:57 am

Thank you for writing us.
This is the usual Mass Downloader behavior. The reserving takes more time for the big files and you mentioned this.
The reserving time also depends on the HDD status - percent of fragmentation, other programs writing to this disc, etc.
Useally this do not slow down the downloading process.

What is the average speed of downloading?

Sonia 08/08/2014 04:16 am
Usually I get around 300-400K. Now is about 60-70K. The downloaded file sizes are usually about the same. The ones I am downloading now are no bigger than usual. Normally the reserve space message goes away quickly so I have all 10 connections downloading together. Currently nothing extra is happening on my computer to effect the HDD. I'll try defraging it tonight and see if it helps.