Can't download links in Firefox

Sonia Shurdington
04/23/2012 03:39 am
For some reason when I click a download link in Firefox 11.0, it automatically starts to download with that browser pop-up.
It was working as normal yesterday where I click the link and it gives options on how you want to download the file.
I have not done any updates or anything since it was working last. I check the add-ons and the MetaProducts Intergration 1.6.3 is still enabled.

Do you have any idea what to do.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium

Thanks a lot
04/23/2012 11:45 am

Thank you for writing us.
We will check and fix the problem, if any.
In the meantime please try to use the link right-click "Mass Downloader: Download this file" option.
Sonia Shurdington
04/30/2012 03:41 am
The right-click works OK, but some links I am unable to do this way. ie, from Shragle.
It started working again yesterday, and now today is not working again.
05/02/2012 11:07 am

Could you please try to update the integration plug-in?
You can find it here:

Please write me about the result.

Best regards,
Sonia Shurdington
05/04/2012 01:24 am
Have done that.
It works for some things, but others the Motzilla download window automatically starts downloading.
05/04/2012 11:37 am
Could you please send me a sample of the page with problem download? A link with a description on how to reproduce the problem. Thank you for your help!
Sonia Shurdington
05/09/2012 02:51 am
One link is
I click on it and the Firefox download pop up just starts doing the download. I can't right click on this link.

Another is
I can right click on this and download that way, but if I left click, then it automatically starts downloading through Firefox.

Just noticed that they are both avi files. I have checked it is an accepted file type in Mass Downloader options.

Sonia Shurdington
05/09/2012 03:06 am
Rar and mp4 files work OK.
Must be just avi.
05/09/2012 03:50 pm
Ok, thank you!
I will ask the plug-in developer to take a look at this. What is the original page link - I mean the page where you found these links?
05/11/2012 05:39 am
Sonia, thank you for your email.
We tested - this works well at our test PC. It seems some other plug-in registered itself for AVI at your computer. Please check FireFox | Options | Application tab. Type AVI there to check.
Sonia Shurdington
05/16/2012 04:56 am
I couldn't find AVI, so I just changed all the windows media files to ask how to download. Have only downloaded the one avi file so far, but it worked OK.
Not sure why the settings changed on Firefox? Have not done any upgrades lately.

Thanks a lot for your help. Will know what to look for if it happens again.